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422A RS422/485 Adapter
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422A RS422/485 Adapter
The 422A are used with the Intrepid MicroPoint Cable system or MicroNet system. They are small circuit cards with a terminal strip on one edge, a 16-pin female IDC connector on the other edge, a microprocessor and a RS422/485 driver chip. They connect to the male 16-pin IDC connector on the Processor Module (PM) circuitboard for RS422 or RS485 communications. The microprocessor supervises and buffers communication between the PM and a PC, modem or Relay Module (RM). The RS485 is a two-wire half-duplex format used to communicate with Relay Modules. It supports a multi-node network. The RS422 is a four-wire full duplex format used to communicate to a local PC or to a remote PC, through a modem, for system maintenance and adjustments and/or reporting capabilities. The RS422 line will require a RS422 to RS232 converter forconnecting to a PC or modem. The maximum wire distance from the 422A to a RM or PC is 5,000 feet (1,500m).
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