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26D14875-A01  Cut Simulator Tool
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26D14875-A01 Cut Simulator Tool
The Cut Simulator Tool is used to perform testing of Southwest Microwave Inc. manufactured fence Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS).  This tool simulates a cut attempt tothe fence fabric by providing a mechanical impact to the fence without causing damage to the fence fabric. The impact is the result of an engineering study to create a repeatable signal level when used in a consistent manner. From our internal testing when the tool was developed, we compared the cut simulation tool to actual fence cuts using both an 8 (20cm) and 18 (46cm) bolt cutter monitored with an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer and the Site Manager software.  The fence fabric was cut at the ground line 10 times with each tool.  Then the cut simulation tool was used at the same location on the fence and adjusted to simulate the actual bolt cutters. These tests were performed many times to ensure the repeatability before the tool was released as a product.
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